Hey there, welcome to Andy Macks dot com.

Just in case you’ve inadvertently stubbled onto this site, I’ll fill you in.

So the name’s Andy and I spend most of the time working on myself and others ;

either through meditation, taiji, qigong, Dissolve Therapy or bone setting.

My own journey kicked into high gear about 17 years ago when I met my teacher, Adam Mizner. Ever since that day, I’ve immersed myself in the practice.

If you’d like to see me , please drop me a line and we can organise something –

perhaps a little training & bone setting in Greece or Albania , or maybe an online session. What ever it is, I’m quite sure you’ll be feeling better after we’re done .

Let’s get together.


Let’s get together online for some coaching – meditation, taiji or any other life stuff you need some help with.


Come and hang out with me and friends. I hold training group sessions in Greece, Albania and various other locations around the place. We’ll be focusing on taiji and meditation.


For more info on Dissolve please visit


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